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Poster: hippie64 Date: Aug 26, 2009 2:55pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Da Bronx?

Jerry sets the pace from the start, Phil is psyched it sounds like he wanted a fatter Bertha than Jerry did. They nail it completely. ! I missed my time on earth by 20 years cause I would have loved to be one of the groovin, happy hippies that day in the park . This show makes me want the AUD copy of this rec. just to listen to the joy.
Bobby wasted a great opening by Jerry for Playin. He (Bobby) stumbles a little bit but recovers the vocals. His gutiar ( Bobbys ) defineitly goes out of tune , maybe jerrys to.
Grate Pig! His vibrance realy shines on this Mr. Charlie as well as some fine blues licks by Jerry.
I really love evry aspect of jerrys guitar playin Only late in his life did I find questionable guitar tatics by Jerry.
This Sugaree is a perfect example, full of dynamics the layman can barely fathom, but probably enjoyable to most any ear that gives this a try.
There is an undeniable edge as it were to this show, tuning problems seem to abond (bobby agian ? )
I admire Bobby's ability to get back in the saddle for this El Paso, Measured through construting
the song instead blasting through it, grate job by the band all through out "... Its getting much harder for me to stay in the saddle...", the wobble there by bobby sounded tired, who can blame them really, Can't be easy being a travelin Rock and Roller.
Pigpen really does shine with an understated demeanor throughout this Big Boss Man, Phil is staring to make his presence felt here too. The band is pumping at steady pace, Jerry has a good command of the band to bring the boss home nicely. Another tuning finds Jerry ready compliment BBM w/ a rollin Big Railroad Blues, Nice and bright with plenty of Phils doghouse sound .
GIVE IT TO ME ! I love Pigpens growl on this Hard to Handle I 'm no expert here but for me Pig is having a great show despite the ( technical?) issues of sound and road weariness that are evident. Jerry's well into stride in this HTH. These are some jerry licks I've never heard before, Ass Whupin blues really. Amazing throughout that whole jam, agian I want the AUD rec so I can feel the crowds vibe.
BIODTL finds feedback at the beginning but Phil turns it down and works to join a pretty good jam.
This Beat it Down the Line does recover somewhat in to a nice conclusion. Loser starts w/ agian some tuning issues, the whole band (except dummers). Very nice on the whole. Jerry seems well in crontrol of the sound he wants for this show.
The Sugur Mag /SSDD really is nice, no technical problems here just defineitly giving the kids what they wanted to hear.
The authinticity Pigpen gives Empty Pages is beatiful and heartfelt, I love it when Pigpen and Jerry get tight like this They could go all nite in that blues groove. Agian the dynamics between Pig and Jerry are unmatched w/ any Blues act I listened to. You see it for what it is. The Blues ain't s'posed to be pretty.
Tuning probs plauge the beginning of Good Lovin, but w/ pigpen singin' it I know it gonna be all right and I'm not disappointed , GOT TO HAVE IT ! Blistering guitar by Garcia which can be brought to a whisper at any inflection in Pigpens voice. What a load of Good Lovin they provide here, vocal harmonies compliment the whole song.
Jerry experiments slightly w/ Casey Jones, his exploring of musical boundries is one of the largest legacies Garcia left us. A national treasure in my eyes as is the first set closer Casey Jones. I can't wait to see how this show unfolds Enjoy the 2nd Set I'm gonna

More to come I was straeming and writing then the site crashed More technical difficulties? I can relate. Long Live The Dead